Installating an OS

Par yansanmo

2013-10-27 19:00:27

En réponse à une personne qui se plaignait du ton "négatif" et des réponses "déplaisantes" qu'elle a reçu sur un canal d'aide pour l'installation d'une distribution (ubuntu) sur son ordinateur personnel.

Bien attendu, du côté des répondants, il ne faut pas insulter la personne qui demande. Du côté du demandeur, il ne faut pas oublier que personne n'est obligé de résoudre le problème, personne n'est payé ou récompensé et que tout se fait dans un hasard le plus total.

This is the kind of answer you get when you don't ask in the good context a very hard question to people that can't really help you unless they had the exact same problem in from of them. The vast majority of people in theses channels can help with something they know and did (a lot of time) before. They will feel attacked/insulted if you try too much to ask something they can't answer or test.

It's 100 times easier to try to install linux when you are with a real person that try exactly the same thing you are doing. Because it will be a unique/first experience to install an OS on your specific computer for both of you. This is why there is some workshop or installfest in a lot of cities. Unless, all your friends pay for only one kind of computer and devices and install only one distribution (version), they can't know exactly what will go wrong or they can't fix all problems.

Installing any OS on any kind of computers is a challenge because everything can change. When you try to install others OS, it will only be easy if a technician resolve all the problems before you and test it carefully. If you take MacOSX, Apple Technicians install their own softwares on their own materials and run thousands of compatibility test with all their own devices. If you take Windows, each manufacturers will try to install a version of Windows in the factory and add a compliance logo on the box because they go throught that kind of pain/testing.

When Ubuntu release a distribution, they run thousands of test on the computers/devices available to them, they also ask community to test it on their personnals computers, not every computers that exists. If your computer/devices is not in their test, it won't be test, so problems can occurs when you first try something.

Their is also the case, where the manufacturers will try deliberately to block any attemps to install an operating system that doesn't not comply with their own view/agenda. See all "brick" problems with iphone or "Secure boot" problems with PC.

I find that the most challenging problem in computer/software is installing and configure the environment. After that, it's child play. And it's not because someone did it before you that the full process is easier.

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