ID Sev Pri Plt Owner State Result Summary
79724 nor NOR Com RESO WORK date checked (when a time zone is choosen) don't display ...
80089 nor NOR Com RESO FIXE kdesu.diff failed checksum test! in kde3.2.2
91327 wis NOR Com RESO FIXE Default margin for header in html4.css
91572 nor NOR Com RESO FIXE css background-position value text and length/percentage
92782 wis NOR uns UNCO save mode between game
94117 nor NOR Com RESO DUPL Textarea is over a position:fixed div
98179 nor NOR Red UNCO StatutBar for .txt File (KatePart) don't refresh when the...
100335 nor NOR Com RESO FIXE Quanta require libxml2.6 in dtdparser but don't fail on c...
102376 nor NOR Red UNCO When the system tray is hidden, kopete don't show in any way
104089 nor NOR Red RESO FIXE Unable to use or set ca (canadian multilingual) layout
104100 nor NOR Red RESO WORK don't want to stop loading ...
104303 nor NOR Red RESO INVA wrong content: display with utf-8 characters
109585 nor NOR Fed UNCO don't save settings (no shortcut when you reopen kconfig)
110375 wis NOR Fed RESO WORK INSTALL file should include make -f Makefile.cvs instruction
110414 nor NOR Com RESO WORK wrong configure detection for the library cvsservice
110420 wis NOR Com RESO FIXE create many new file with CTRL+N
110498 nor NOR Com RESO FIXE unitialized attribute in quanta.cpp show weird column and...
118084 nor NOR Fed UNCO embedjs desktop Categories missing utility
118649 nor NOR uns RESO FIXE drag'n'drop of multiple line change line orientation
119694 wis NOR Com UNCO show accelerator for new shell
119780 wish NOR Com RESO DUPL new tab refresh location bar and erase what you type
122184 wis NOR Com uml-devel@lists.sourceforge... RESO FIXE void is imported as class and not datatypes
122188 cra NOR Com uml-devel@lists.sourceforge... RESO FIXE crash when creating a datatype with the same name as a class
122293 nor NOR Com uml-devel@lists.sourceforge... RESO FIXE drag 'n drop a class when the zoom is not 1:1 don't put t...
122914 cra NOR Com uml-devel@lists.sourceforge... RESO FIXE crash when refusing to rename a class on importing typedef


176181 	   	 enh   	nor   	i38  	   CLOS NEXT New release of libosip2
176183      	 enh 	nor 	All 	   CLOS NEXT libeXosip2 upgrade to 2.2.2
176186 		 low 	nor 	All CLOS RAWH offsite.js is missing for /usr/share/doc/HTML/index.html


303298    	cri  	--  	PC  	UNCO  	  	infinite loop when the gif is loading
209398 	nor 	-- 	Oth 	NEW 		DOM Ref: setCursor is not in Mozilla 1.0.1 +
209404 	enh 	-- 	Oth 	NEW 		A link into HTML pages to search for URL related bugs
253875 	nor 	-- 	PC 	NEW 		{inc} adding elements inside a div don't adjust other dep...
246574 	min 	-- 	PC 	RESO 	DUPL 	Wrong tooltip inside Back button menuitem list
264609 	min 	-- 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	getElementsByTagName methods should be consistant
214299 	nor 	-- 	PC 	layout.block-and-inline@cor... 	RESO 	DUPL 	Can't see text with div margin:0 auto; width:910px in 800...
211738 	enh 	-- 	PC 	RESO 	INVA 	[gila] Last modification of domref documentation was the ...
238908 	enh 	-- 	All 	RESO 	EXPI 	suggestion: thread with my reply headers
211742 	nor 	-- 	PC 	RESO 	FIXE 	Doctor CVS Update page write an invalid link to add cvs a...
210132 	min 	-- 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	list-style-image don't show up when we update the page
246798 	enh 	P5 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	nav bar background color should be Firefox blue
239922 	nor 	-- 	PC 	VERI 	INVA 	URL: Wrong relative uri with an "?stuff"
295409 	nor 	-- 	PC 	VERI 	DUPL 	a box with floating LI tag resize when you outline a link...


550482 debian/watch regex is invalid for 3.5.3 releases

Erreur sur Flickr

Flash Badge Flickr

La badge pour afficher les photos de flickr ne fonctionne pas avec les versions des navigateurs Internet Explorer supérieures à 7.

J'ai envoyé la ligne, le fichier, le correctif pour le corriger mais ils ne m'ont jamais répondu et n'ont pas corrigé le fichier. L'erreur est très simple à corriger. Il suffit d'ajouter les conditions pour MSIE 8 et MSIE 9 ou d'effectuer un meilleur test pour s'assurer que le contenu Flash peut être affiché.

Lignes erronées:

   } else { // windows or unix 
		if (ua.indexOf("MSIE 5.6") > 0 || ua.indexOf("MSIE 5.5") > 0 || ua.indexOf("MSIE 6") > 0 || ua.indexOf("MSIE 7") > 0) { 
			 // IE 5.5+ 

Correctif pour IE8 et IE9

   } else { // windows or unix 
		if (ua.indexOf("MSIE 5.6") > 0 || ua.indexOf("MSIE 5.5") > 0 || ua.indexOf("MSIE 6") > 0 || ua.indexOf("MSIE 7") > 0 || ua.indexOf("MSIE 8") > 0 || ua.indexOf("MSIE 9") > 0) { 
			 // IE 5.5+