english tenses verb diagram

  1. Present Tense : fact, everyday, repetition
    ex: Bob drinks everyday. Bob flies everyday.
  2. Past Tense : something that start and stop in the past
    ex: Bob drank yesterday. Bob flew yesterday.
  3. Future : will + verb, is going to + verb
    ex: Bob will drink tomorrow. Bob is going to drink next week. Bill will fly.
  4. Present progressive/continuous : is + verb + ing.
    ex: Bob is drinking now. Bob is flying now.
  5. Past progressive/continuous : was + verb + ing
    ex: Bob was drinking when <something in the past happens>
  6. Present perfect : has + verb participle
    ex: Bob has drunk beer since/for ...
  7. Past perfect : had + verb participle
    ex: Bob was drunk before something happens
  8. Present perfect progressive/continuous : has been + verb + ing
    ex: Bob has been drinking since/for...
  9. Past perfect progressive/continuous : had been + verb + ing
    ex: Bob had been drinking before ...


  1. Present Tense: ex: Do you fly?
  2. Past Tense: ex: Did you fly?
  3. Present progressive/continuous : ex: Are you flying?
  4. Future : ex: Will you fly?
  5. Present perfect : ex: Have you ever fly in your life?