She will get game

Author : Yan Morin

Evaluation: reading 13/26, writing 12/25. Total: 6.3/10.

The Donna Nebenzahl's article "He's got game" says that men games dominate the market and that is tough fo[r] a female game to have a great success. I agree that taste[s][?][thesis?] of boys and girls are different and that we don't search for the same thrill or goal. Also, I think that is right to say that this industry will have to move in new directions because society change[s] with the time[s].

Girls and boys have differents tastes and ways to entertain themself. It's why games produced and conceived by guy please only to guy. The game industry are over-designed by male designers and it's why girl represent only a weak part of the market. Males are basically visually stimulated and want to controled others and don't like defeat. It's why reproducing sport, fight or competition stimulate them. This kind of game are easy to make, move many pixels, add points, display score and it's why there's a lot. Girl wants are very differents, they want to build something, resolve a conflict with diplomaty, discuss with someone else, interact with the environnement which is not static, they want to change thin[-k+g]s and and see what are the consequences of what they have done. Games like that are very difficult to conceive, to create and to develop because they must possess a human touch and comprehension.

It's also true that we don't search the same goal[s] when we play [-to] a game. Boys want to destroy the enemy to finish the game with a "You are VICTORIOUS" message. Girl[+s] [-is+are] very different, they want a game to play, not to win. They want to know, more than boy, why they have to do something and for which reasons. They like to negotiate because they want to know how negotiate[???]. Girl play with their emotions and when they want to be happy, they don't want to kill a robot of the 3148 year. When boys want to play, they want to forget their troubles, their real lifes, school, work, family and become a superhero.

I think that the game industry ha[-ve+s] to adapt to the actual market because actually, more women use computer and game become more available for them. But, if girls are very interested in that, they will certainly do thin[-k+g] to respond to their own request and develop woman game by woman. [expand]

In conclusion, girl[+s] and boy[+s] don't play the same games because they don't play the same [+way] and don't want to accomplish the same thin[-k+g]. The games industry will have to change if they want to respond to all women needs. [expand].